wtorek, 10 września 2013

the kill / antigama / noisear

shitfun-promo 2013

sete star sept / adolf shitter

paucities-still mince attitude - 2010-2013

noisear / idols plague

netjajev society system-discography 2005-2006

neid-non repetere est hereditas

napalm death-live in tokyo

mumakil-flies will starve

monger-the herd

mixomatosis-convento infernal

micosis-the stench of the world...as a human body decomposition

meatal ulcer / hydropneumothorax

hyperemesis / fetal deformity

niedziela, 8 września 2013

six brew bantha / agitate

skruta / dan stark / epicrise

skunk / warvictims

smg-agonizing grind hell

sordo / deep fried embryo

squash bowels-grindcoholism

submersed cadaver-living in a world comprised of ecological malfunctions

suffering mind / dead church

syntax-corridos grind

takashi ohkawa / harsh supplement

tapasya-unrelenting terror 1997-2002

terror of dynamite attack / no regret / kill our leader

tersanjung 13-ears slaughter 2002-2013

the kill / white eyes

totes brute-the puker

triturador-gore to the grind (2007-2012)

undead-a tribute to disrupt

violent gorge / sete star sept

wadge / g.o.d.

wojtyla-discography 09-10


yattai-fifty love hymns for grindheads

niedziela, 1 września 2013

agathocles-from grey ....... to black

meatal ulcer / birth

maximum thrash / gorgonized dorks

matka teresa / frank sinathrash

mankurt-tape-o-graphy 2009-2010


jesus crost-fuck powerviolence... this is groovy gore grind

iron butter / 2 minuta dreka

into the end-the grindhouse sessions


infest-days turn black

infanticide-misconception of hope

idiots parade-r.i.p.

icon of evil / the bold and the beautiful