wtorek, 27 sierpnia 2013

h-incident-...chaos days 1994-2000

gowl-buzz box

godawfulnoise / sunyata

gets worse-negative

gaz-66 intrusion

gate-early work

forenssick-control & corrosion

food not revolution #3

filthy charity / subversive reek mute pert

feces on display-bizarre devourment...of a virgin's cunt!

feastem-avaritia humanae

fast violence-compilation

faction disaster / couple skate

extreme smoke 57 / deca debilane


embalming theatre / tersanjung 13

drogheda-thug anarchitect

drain of impurity / stench of necropsy

doomsisters-play fast or don't

agathocles-this is what we call mincecore

niedziela, 25 sierpnia 2013

unholy grave-grind anarchy

maximum thrash-skate drunk and violence

hyperemesis / obliteracao

human cull / homolka

hatred surge-purgatory

hatred division / psychotic sufferance

boneache / pankreatite necro hemorragica / insepsy / fetal deformity

agathocles / kurws

death toll 80k–discography 2007-2012

controlled existence / alea iacta est

cripple bastards-live to hate people II/I

corrupt humanity / shitnoise bastards

carcass grinder / psychotic sufferance

captain three leg / deep fried embryo

captain cleanoff / the kill

bungus / satanic blood ritual


black hole of calcutta / reciklaje

archagathus / bestial vomit

anal penetration-pediculus humanus humanus

agathocles / gale