środa, 3 kwietnia 2013

yeast infection-just ain't right

weekend nachos-watch you suffer

violent misery-first step to a violent misery

subcut / masher

sram / shitnoise bastards

sete star sept / pure noise

sakatat-live at bloodshed fest 2010

rot-modern man suicide


maximum thrash / dissensate / jeffrey dahmer / femau

lt.dan / paucities

living void-s/t

agathocles / jeffrey dahmer

agamenon project-to serve and protect​.​.​.


incident at ape canyon

immured / subcut / demisor

hyperemesis / neisseria gonorrhoeae

grinding terror-demo

gorgonized dorks / new york against the belzebu

exacerbacion / psychotic sufferance

disleksick-no direction

depresy mouse-discography 2002-2010

claudia shitter / adolf shitter

chulo / rabies

captain three leg / whoretorn / yeast infection

captain cleanoff-youth in asia

breakfast on jupiter / morte lenta

birth / hydropneumothorax

barulho subversivo

bangsat / akurakus

agathocles / mutilations and death

agamenon project-s/t