niedziela, 24 lutego 2013

violent headache-police brutality

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  1. 7 shots to the heart that's what I felt when I witnessed you murdered before my eyes.
    7 shots to the heart that's what i felt when I watched u bleed.
    7 shots to the heart that's what i felt after those words left your daughter's mouth
    So little and innocent yet so aware
    How could this be
    How is this real
    How is the world I am living in
    How can I even keep the view of a beautiful world yet so ugly alive
    All the beauty is now tainted because the ugly overpowers
    I can't go on
    I cannot go on in a world like this
    I feel
    Im crying
    Im hurting
    Im bawling
    Im confused
    Im bothered
    Im shook
    It will NEVER stop
    It won't
    That's what hurts the most
    I just want to know why
    What makes a man want to do this
    There is no way
    No possible way any being would want to do this
    I can't believe it
    I wont believe it
    6 shots to my heart
    6 shots to his life
    In Front of his child
    In front of his lover
    Not a Second before the decision was made to slaughter a man
    To slaughter a nation
    To slaughter a girls hope for this world hundreds of miles away sitting in her bedroom at exactly 4 am in the morning
    I didn't know that when i logged onto facebook my perception of this world would change forever
    I didn't know “it” was going to happen again so soon
    Matter of fact “it” hasn't happened in so long that it left my conscious and I never even think about it
    That's the fucked up part
    That's the part that aches
    But from this moment
    From 4 am on a june night I will never stop
    I will never stop fighting for my people
    There's something about this particular incident
    Because i've seen a handful before
    But this one i felt
    All 7 shots.
    I feel