środa, 31 października 2012

rottingrex / busuk


nyctophobic-live in merksplas

needful things / roskopp

morbid obesity [u.s.a.]

misanthropic noise / pizzahifive

matka teresa / fubar

massgrav-still the kings

massgrave / suffering mind

lt. dan / redsk

limbs bin [u.s.a.]

le scrawl-scrawl

komatoz-why cant anybody see

ipekakuana / final exit

insomnia isterica & the people's noise project

hypo-christians-where's your fucking god

holiday suckers-boyband powerviolence from hell


hatred division-more speed, more grind!

haemophagus-slaves to the necromancer

gun culture [russia]

groinchurn-die stimme seines herrn

green terror-microwave massacre

god harvest / cogs and sprockets

paucities / agathocles

poniedziałek, 29 października 2012

gate / brob

gang up on against-the rain of sloughter in 88seconds & a lot of our dics

full bladder / crucify yourself

final chapter [holland]

feastem ‎/ kill the client

faction disaster / bruxism

el nudo-rudo del el nudo!!

dysmorfic / progeria

dissensate [indonesia]

david carradine / ah-!!!

darge / disgust / death from above / unfit scum

unrest [germany]

unholy grave-witching newcastle

cut to fit-havoc supreme

corrupt humanity / holiday suckers

chronic tomb [u.s.a.]

chetwrecker-heinous appropration

chemical tomb-420 mg

cellgraft / drainland

cannibal accident-omnivorous

cadaveric maggot infestation [canada]

voice of hate [spain]

БУТ [czech republic]

busuk / tools of the trade

burt [germany]