wtorek, 3 kwietnia 2012


meatus-the triumphal chariot of antimony

to die [indonesia]


the makai-the end of all you know

the afternoon gentlemen / cyborg

supreme gore delicatessen [chile]

sposa in alto mare-canti liturgici

rupture / necrocannibalistic vomitorium

rsg / suck destroy

rawscum [greece]

ratbomb-natural born grinders

proletar-universal ideas

neuron [germany]

merciless precision [u.k.]

meatus / active stenosis


insult / b.s.w.

human junk [u.k.]

hoy pinoy / s.a.f.g.

homo homini lupus / aggregation

hello bastards / jagernaut

poniedziałek, 2 kwietnia 2012


insult-the scumbag duke sessions

meatus-earthly diseases & grievous mortality

corrupt humanity / shangkuan lingfeng

crani septic / kamorräh

headcrash / lymphatic phlegm

harry callahan [u.k.]

gruesome stuff relish / haemorrhage

grotesque organ defilement [canada]

goner / lunge

frikh [greece]

fetus eaters / maggot colony

demisor / extreme decay

diseksa / corrupt humanity

black hole of calcutta-s/t #2

atara-human balltrap

agathocles / constructores del odio

crypt of the zombilord [sweden]

crani septic [spain]

corrupt humanity [scotland]

cornucopia-lawaat......in de maat!

chiens [france]

chemical tomb [u.k.]

bloody phoenix / question

black hole of calcutta-s/t

balano sucio-vecinos molestos

badaksinga [indonesia]

attack of the mad axeman-systematic death slaughter

agathocles / extreme decay