poniedziałek, 20 lutego 2012

the afternoon gentlemen / chiens

unsu / atara

stomachal corrosion / violenta dizimacao

proletar-massive resistance

osk / war hero

nuclear tribunal [germany]

meatus / a.f.h.

agathocles-angry anthems 1985-2010

krush / spinebender

jeremias el harkore [argentina]

gripe-pig servant

fetus eaters / actuary

expose your hate [brazil]

empire of lies [mexico]

diseksa / bastards

blue holocaust-twitch of the death nerve


agathocles / self deconstruction

active stenosis / hyperemesis

accidental homicide [u.s.a.]

abstain-1999 us tour

poniedziałek, 6 lutego 2012

ultimate blowup-s/t

unholy grave / demisor

TxCxAx [russia]

tussock [malaysia]

tumor ganas / chulo

tropical suomi [brazil]

trophies of death [russia]

tribute to Infest

tinner-you wanted the best, you got the worst

the kill-shower of bricks

the drip-s/t

sublime cadaveric decomposition-sheep'n'guns

subcut / disarm

straight edge kegger / knifethruhead

standing on a floor of bodies [u.s.a.]

squash bowels-dead

sposa in alto mare [italy]

society of friends-discography