czwartek, 3 listopada 2011

soil of ignorance-s/t

regurgitate-trials of life

razor sharp daggar-to protect and serve

rampant decay / kruds

raja singa-rajagnaruk

ptomaina [poland]


prumyslova smrt / kobra XI

pizza hi-five / internal stronghold

phobia / abandon incarnate

oerjgrinder-grind from da hood

noisear / the arson project

neuropathia-body art

necrobiosis / intense agonizing


środa, 2 listopada 2011

knock out-demo'z

irritate-ten stabs of demented violence

human error-10 reasons to kill our boss...

headcrash [holland]

bruxism-spend all our money on blow


faction disaster / shit life

dying fetus-history repeats

dogmatized-ipse dixit

dios hastio / coche bomba

dios hastio / coche bomba-split 7''

depress-culture is the enemy

dead-far beyond your imagination

damnable-obsession pain -demo-

cronos-epilogo funebre


c.r.a.c.k.-perspectivas sombrias

bruxism / blister unit

black hole of calcutta-s/t

bizzare x / trigger

asocial terror fabrication-under the dark force

alienation mental-s/t

agamenon project-the masters aren't enough to us!

acxdc-the second coming