wtorek, 30 sierpnia 2011

shitstorm-paranoid existence

seven minutes of nausea / intestinal infection

sea of shit / socially retarded

scumdogs [mexico]

sarcasm-the lowest form of wit 7''

rotting christ / sound pollution

red front-demo

reconstruct / atret

quattro stagioni-discography

putrescence / i die screaming

pulmonary fibrosis-interstitial lung diseases

masacre-no se rajen

raw sewage / i hate this

grind bastards compitalion vol 5

gaz-66 intrusion-power without violence / death tomorrow

agamenon project-ask me for the mercy of god

a tribute to disclose

środa, 24 sierpnia 2011

tumor ganas-disordergrindassault

psykoanalyysi [finland]

nemesis complex-enemy

mugrind-spoko evillution porko dio

mixomatosis / cannibe

mesrine / ebola

melarat / opprobrium adornment

meatus [canada]

meathole infection / decrepitaph

looking for an answer-eterno treblinka

grind bastards compitalion vol 4

gozer-warning- product may contain gozer

agathocles / sorella maldestra

piątek, 19 sierpnia 2011

reconstruct-horror of extermination

tumor ganas-nabi-nabi kardus

looking for an answer / cripple bastards

lahar / idiot savant

krush / distroy

into disorder / burnt cross

infected womb-dirt


hatred surge / mammoth grinder

hatred division [malaysia]

haemorrhage-hospital carnage

grudge-raw grind

gripe [greece]

grind bastards compitalion vol 3