niedziela, 1 maja 2011

unholy grave / trip scope

unholy grave-kill 'em all for one

unholy grave / the vanishing act

unholy grave-ethnocide

unholy grave / unbiased

unholy grave-cryptic dirty conformity

unholy grave-grind blitz

unholy grave-fanaticism



unholy grave-raw grind mayhem

wasteoid-total pukeoid

unholy grave / trauma acustico

vile intent-shadow of the skull

unholy grave / third degree

victims-a dissident

verge on reason / hanging rotten

unholy grave / ingravescent torture


unholy grave / idi amin

tacheless-the world keeps burning

sugardaddy and shotgun justice-saturation in the moonlight

sound like shit / hangnail

unholy grave / gyarandu

seitan terror-up the fucking noisecore punx

see you in hell / the public

say why / idiots parade

sandokhan / krupskaya

rotten sound-curses

regurgitate-bonus ep

unholy grave / dejecta

no less-boxed in

razor sharp daggar [netherlands]

punch-push pull

phobia-what went wrong

paucities / atomck

jeanxseberg [france]

industrislaven [czech republic]

haemorrhage / disgorge


triac-blue room

unholy grave / brob

flagitious idiosyncrasy in the dilapidation-kakusei

feastem-world delirium

depress [germany]

chainsaw to the face-plagued humanity


wormfood [u.s.a]

zaherir [chile]

unholy grave / straight edge kegger