środa, 12 stycznia 2011

unholy grave-blast mayhem

death dealers-files of atrocity

tekken / headway


cyanamid-i love NJ

wormrot-live at the acheron

see you in hell / systematic death

no man's slave-you need to start thinking more about your future

go filth go-no escape from noise dis-truction


cyanamid-stop the world

comrades / k.g.c.

world burns to death / slang

clotted symmetric sexual organ / scape rape

agathocles / cyanamid

poniedziałek, 10 stycznia 2011

unholy grave / n.e.k.

tersanjung 13-jangan lakukan di rumah

subcut / cruel face

spliting your head & grinding your mind

slaktattack / bio crisis

slaughtergrave / afasia

shit life-life is shit



pizza hi-five / hooker spit windex

no man's slave / i resign

mind eraser / slang

piątek, 7 stycznia 2011

michael crafter-d.y or die

male misandria-volizione

magnacite-safety in the workplace


internal damage-demo

grimness 69-the bridge

gangrena-the zombie chronicles

extortion / completed exposition

unholy grave-grindholic

slaughtergrave-antifa blues

disturbance project / ras

difenacum-alegrame el dia

dead in the dirt

daisycutter / world eater

cthulhu youth

buckshot facelift-anchors of the armless gods

total fucking destruction / bloodred bacteria

attack of the mad axeman / the makai


agoraphobic nosebleed / a.n.s.

acelerada rechazo