czwartek, 25 listopada 2010

dehumanized earth-fausse croyance

magnitizdat / agamenon project

lies and distrust / dischord

motiveless-spread of hatred

iron butter-for the mysophiliacs


E123 / axidance / ground zero

slight slappers-vinyl collection 1995-2001

disturbance project / fistfuck

slaughtergrave-sliced mincers on meathook

seven minutes of nausea / eunuch

y / dumbstruck

chainsaw to the face-agonizing pain and perpetual misery

aftersundown-bad brain

agamenon project / 54R

wtorek, 23 listopada 2010

lix xivia-demo

unholy grave / desecrator


konfident-my jsem ta pricina

instinct of survival-screams of suffering

kill the client-set for extinction

rot in pieces / hypoptalasias

inopexia-conveyor with cookies

negligent collateral collapse-28 minutes of silence for all innocent victims and boneses

looking for an answer / ratos de porao

agamenon project / fokkum

aftersundown / nauser

sarcoma de kaposi-demo


paranoia-thirteen psychominatures

slight slappers-over come pain

slaughtergrave / infest

trocki / herpes de crachat de fillette

terror of dynamite attack

gore-sulimes rituales del mundo bizarro

y / diavolo rosso

femau / cekal

chainsaw to the face-s/t

catastrofe / axidance-split cd


agamenon project / ayaksvoksom

agathocles-this is not a threat, its a promise