niedziela, 17 października 2010

necrose / herb mullin

kontraattaque-latino fest or burst!

necrose-acrostichon to the rack

quattro stagioni-s/t

kontraattaque / tragatelo

toxico capital-terrorismo ambiental


sedicion-grindcrust es protesta

dios hastio / autonomia

dickless tracy-of light and darkness

kontraattaque / migra violenta

necrose / deadmocracy

wtorek, 12 października 2010

unholy grave / fetus eaters

tersanjung 13-demo

slaughtergrave-stench of the tyrants

vomito nichilista-nothing in common with you

wojczech / dios hastio

psychotic sufferance / pissdeads / serrando codos / death before revolution

slaughtergrave / muerte de la pega / primordial sounds / unfit scum

twisted truth-slaves of life

totalickers / power is poison

tersanjung 13 / inquiry last scenery

slaughtergrave / bestial vomit / chaos anarchy / vampiric cold blood

relics of future-s/t

re-charge de-charge-demo

psychotic sufferance / amnogomusikimalo

proletar / bestial vomit

pissed cunt-in the name of me

phobia-loud, proud, and grind as fuck

onanizer / joe pesci

mixomatosis / 2 minuta dreka

insect warfare / the kill


grogor / streptococcus pyogenes

grind yer head in


agathocle-semtex 10

gride-faster than death harder than life

free...for you!

exogorth / snake head fish

dr aids-necroquegcuntcore

disforia / bloodraised

cornucopia / karma

chainsaw to the face / backslider

carcass grinder / intestinal disease

agathocles / black september

agacoples / brutal noise