wtorek, 21 września 2010

wormrot / i abhor

wojtyla / sugardaddy and shotgun justice

twisted truth-cult of forest workers

irritate-everyday evil

unholy grave / neon hole

twisted truth-return of old people

profesor lefebvre-s/t

plutocracy-off the pigs

irritate / hated principles

warcollapse-the final end - 15 years of misery and despair

unholy grave / infected

twisted truth / social deformity

terrorism / runamuck

tengkorak-darurat sipil

stormcrow / coffins

skruta-rehearsal demo

rubufaso mukufo-remolab

profesor lefebvre-70% lefebrin

pola trule glave-demo

plutocracy / noiseslaughter

pkikt-mesmales sukites greitai

parlamentarisk sodomi / blodsprut

neuropathia / putrescence

irritate / fetus eaters

mind collage / in sane'n the brain / unholy grave / su19b / more noise for life

macabre-human monsters

lack of interest / capitalist casualties

irritate / deadfood

human error / black hole of calcutta

grog-gastric hymns mummified in purulency

ebola beach party-after show party

doom-fuck peaceville

diorrhea-B - XVI


cicatrix [poland]

bludge-you probably suck

anarchus-in partibus infidelium