wtorek, 7 grudnia 2010

n.i.b.i.r.u.-visions of a terminal reality

ayaksvoksom-demo II

weekend nachos-bleed


turning paralysis / disforija

total fucking destruction / monolith

the gentle art of chokin'-first four years of chokin

tekken / pekatralatak

sore throat / new york against the belzebub

shapes of misery-rise above oppression

shaolin finger jabb-santa maria powerviolence

psychotic sufferance / turning paralysis


open wound-stanglehold

n.i.b.i.r.u.-war before extinction

my own lies / houses in texas

mesrine / spermbloodshit

life and death-demo

kasatka-scene slaughter

i accüse / young and dangerous

grotescolandia-xou da xuxa na terra do grotesco

electro hippies / generic

dresden-final hour

deathpeed-the day of doom

cunt'n bananaaz / hope

buckshot facelift-universal goat tilt

backslider / no comply

agathocles / painful defloration


czwartek, 25 listopada 2010

dehumanized earth-fausse croyance

magnitizdat / agamenon project

lies and distrust / dischord

motiveless-spread of hatred

iron butter-for the mysophiliacs


E123 / axidance / ground zero

slight slappers-vinyl collection 1995-2001

disturbance project / fistfuck

slaughtergrave-sliced mincers on meathook

seven minutes of nausea / eunuch

y / dumbstruck

chainsaw to the face-agonizing pain and perpetual misery

aftersundown-bad brain

agamenon project / 54R